Classic Baby Clothes

We Love Classic Baby Clothes

Everyone knows that our babies always deserve to have the best clothing always, that is classic baby clothes. You might have looked for the best shop to get the most modern clothing for a number of years. Most likely you have not been satisfied before. You have come to the right place for the betterment of your children clothing. Smocked Auctions founded 5 years is the best place for you. Our clothing will always make your child feel satisfied, superior and unique. We are majorly an online based shop and offer all types of clothing. We highly encourage online purchase so as to save our customers their time. We are always available from Monday to Friday except during public holidays.

You might be asking yourself how you are going to enter coupon code for a successful online purchase. This is very simple. During the checkout process just enter your discount codes at the bottom of your cart.

We have created a comprehensive size page to make it easy for you choose the appropriate size for your child. Just click the size link on our detailed page for each and every product. The size chart page is going to show you all the measurements. We also show you how to measure your child size. Just visit Smocked Auction sizing information and you will smile.

We are not a Baby Boutique so we highly value and love our customers, we have created a reward program. You can earn Smocked Auction rewards points using some easy steps. Go to our reward page to get the information on how you can earn and spend the . We highly encourage you to always shop with same email address to allow all your reward points accumulate in a single account.

Currently we do not have a physical store. You can buy the clothing for your child through the website or in one of our major social media page (Facebook, twitter and Instagram). Our headquarters is located in Dallas. We normally carry out sample selling 2 times a year and we ensure we share all of our information on official Facebook page.

We at smocked Auction have a series of photo shoot. With a child cloth from us we welcome your child to participate in our photo-shoot any time of the year. We love this as it helps us come up with other new products such as Spanish baby clothes. Feel free to allow your child volunteer to participate.

We normally issue our customers with password after a 1st purchase through our online platforms. One will receive password via the email address provided. Upon any checkout then you can freely change the password. You can as well change your account password at your convenience under the login box. On making an order, you can check the status in the order box of your account. You can only change your order within a short period. It can be a challenge as we normally fill orders quickly. If you email us though, we can accommodate the change in order but not later than 2 days. If you cancel orders your eligibility for discount may go minimal.

We are required to charge some taxes for all the Texas orders but orders being shipped to other states are tax free. All pre-ordered items are shipped for free. If the orders contains items from the S.A website then there is a flat rate shipping of $5 for orders of less than $100 and free for any above. Upon receipt of your payment, you are going to receive your orders between 5 and 7 days.

We provide standard shipping through priority mails. The delivery takes 2-5 working days. However, for special reasons provided then we can provide early shipping. All the pre-orders will be shipped on the date that you provide in your order.

At Classic Baby Clothes, we want our customers to love everything they order for their children and get all the amazing deals. Although we do not accept order returns, we can do our level best to help all those customers who may end up receiving orders which do not meet expectations. For more information feel free to contact our customer service department any working day and they will respond to you as quickly as possible.